What you should look at before playing in a casino

It does not hurt for beginners to read more tips from inexperienced players who are happy to share their best practices. From them, you can learn about strategies that allow you to really win more. The facts presented later in the article will help you not to go broke immediately after the first visit to the casino. Movies and videos of how other players play will help you understand what a casino is. There are a large number of such films on the Internet. Starting from classics, ending with reviews of casino sites.

Interesting Facts

Casino regulars advise choosing games carefully. Beginners should avoid tables where players play poker. The Caribbean Stud and the three card version can be especially difficult. Blackjack has simple rules and is played against the dealer, unlike poker where players bet against each other. However, you should not start with the Double Exposure version of blackjack.

Now there are a huge number of online casinos, one of them is Admiral X where you can get a Bonus of 1000 rubles. But do not forget that you do not need to bet big money and spend a lot of time playing in an online casino. Because in any game there is a high risk of hitting the jackpot, but the risk of a complete loss is also high.

During your stay in the casino, you can see that cameras are attached to the ceiling everywhere. They are designed to spy on employees and guests who are trying to cheat. This is one of the most effective security measures for casino customers. The establishment also has a security service. Its employees make sure that players do not bring special marked cards and do not try to use them in the game.

In addition to the listed security measures against scams, hygiene measures are recommended. I especially advise you to wash your hands after each contact with the chips, which can be very dirty.

One of the recommended card games for beginners is baccarat. It has incredibly simple rules and high prospects for big wins. It is enough just to place a bet at the table, after which the game process will automatically follow the rules without further participation of the client. As a result, it remains only to take the winnings or accept the loss. The player has one task—to name the winner before the match. The choice is other players or dealers, as well as a draw.

One of the problems of casinos is frequent suicides. This is one of the secrets of gambling establishments.

The uniform of the casino employees is sewn without pockets. This is done so that the croupiers cannot hide or steal anything.

There are scams in the casino. Do not assume that this is a fraud according to a premeditated and carefully organized scheme. Basically it is a substitution of chips. Customers persuade the croupier to go for a substitution. For this reason, the casino carefully monitors not only the players, but also the actions of the croupier. It’s pointless to go for a scam. This will be recorded by a video camera or noticed by a security officer. After that, the game will be terminated, the client’s reputation is damaged.

It should be remembered that no matter how big the player receives, the casino will still remain profitable. This is ensured by a well-established system calculated according to complex mathematical formulas. If it didn’t work, the gaming clubs would close too quickly. Before placing bets, you need to clearly realize that you will not be able to earn money in this way. Moreover, it will not work out to save up for the realization of his dream. Playing in a casino is just a way to have fun. By placing bets, the player pays for a strong sense of excitement.

To extend the time of the client’s stay in the establishment, the casino managers do not keep a clock in the building. The building of the gaming club is usually built without windows, so the players are fully focused on the game. The number of bets increases. Before entering the institution, you should remember that it has specially created conditions to increase the risk of additional cash spending.

When choosing a casino, you should listen to the dealer’s comments and stop the game after winning, leaving the establishment with money. Card counting is not considered cheating, but it may cause you to be asked to leave the table. Do not sit at the same table with the regulars. They beat beginners, thus earning a living. It is best to choose familiar games and refuse to bet in keno.

For many, a casino is an illustration of the level of wealth, attitude to money and the ability to take risks. Sometimes the game is the only way to feed yourself with adrenaline, drive blood and take desperate risks.

Everyone has their own signs

Playing on earth began since God created Adam and Eve. Historians claim that Nero did not allow him to interfere during the game, even when Rome was burning. Emperor Caligula, losing to the nines, ordered to arrest two rich people on the street, accused them of high treason, confiscated their property and … continued to play on it.

Passion for gambling passes through the centuries. The English King Henry VIII lost the famous “Jesus Bell” – the main decoration of St. Paul’s Cathedral. And when the winner – Sir Partridge – wanted to take his bell, the king hung it upside down.

Slaves of excitement were Alexandre Dumas, Giacomo Casanova, Elvis Presley, King Farouk of Egypt. The latter, by the way, could play for days on end, put millions at stake and never regretted losing. As one of the most experienced baccarat players, he once lost $250,000 to Hollywood movie mogul Jack Warner. The most impressive win of Warner himself is over 30 million francs.

Don’t be afraid to play. This will cheer you up and the state of affairs in your wallet.